Monday, May 11, 2009

Further Notes On Alan Griswold's Bizarre Autism Rant

I have to admit I was very startled reading Alan Griswold's bizarre rant about the Deborah Fein study being a "fictitious study" and the intervention involved not being ABA (yeah right 40 hours a week of intensive early behavioral intervention and it wasn't really ABA?) .

I also found it odd that AG would single me out for fame and misfortune in his blog post. (rant). His fellow Neurodiversity blogger Kristina Chew at the's Neurodiversity page, and with whom I usually disagree, concurred with my interpretation of the word "study" (it means "study" Alan) and IEBI as being ABA:

An ongoing study involving children on the autism spectrum aged nine to 18 is finding that "the range for children recovering from autism is 10 percent to 20 percent." As reported in yesterday's Telegraph, University of Connecticut psychology professor Deborah Fein is studying the effects of intensive behavior therapy---Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)---on children on the spectrum. The study is still in its preliminary stages and is funded by the NIMH:

Of course Ms Chew supports the Neurodiversity ideology Mr Griswold subscribes to so she wasn't on the receiving end of the AG rant. Where I have never drunk from the ND Kool-Aid I was singled out for Mr. G's weird little outburst.

I wonder if Alan Griswold is capable of admitting his errors?

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Alan Griswold said...

Mr. Doherty,

I have replied to your post here.

Unknown said...

Mr. Griswold

Feel free to reply here at this site.

Harold Doherty