Sunday, May 31, 2009

Autism and the Joy of Conor on a Beautiful Sunday Morning In May

It was an unbelievably bright and beautiful Sunday morning in Fredericton. Conor and Dad had no choice but to hit the trail and enjoy the view at the river. Conor seemed happy, as usual , with a great big genuine smile on his face. Although I suppose that is just my anecdotal evidence as to whether Conor was happy and enjoying himself. Maybe some autism researchers can do a study and tell me how Conor was really feeling in the photo below.

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Stephanie said...

According to my research, C appears to be in a rather good mood. Since he shows his teeth in his smile I will have to add him to the group of "autistic people who show their teeth when they smile when they are happy" to further understand the meaning of this. Do autistic people show their teeth more when they smile? Is this an indicator of "true" happiness? I think I need a proper research study to determine this.

Marius Filip said...

My wife and I were laughing out loud when we were reading the post of Harold and the comment of Stephanie.

Was it a "real" or a "fake" laugh? How about "voiced" or "unvoiced"?

The tough and final questions is: how an autistic would have liked our laugh?

Because any evaluation from my part cannot count since it may be anecdotical in nature, perhaps I should record it sent it to a lab for thorough research.