Sunday, May 31, 2009

Focused Autism Research

An American politician that I have always found fascinating is Senator Arlen Specter whose comments are usually thoughtful, balanced, nuanced and do not always follow "the party line". I rooted for him in his battle with Cancer. A recent commentator on this site has now brought my attention to Specter for the Cure and Senator Specter's efforts to promote research aimed at curing the diseases and disorders that afflict so many ... including autism spectrum disorders.

In Autistic Laughter? Conor's Laugh Is His Own, It Is NOT An Autistic Laugh I questioned the need to spend valuable research dollars on such subjects as "autistic laughter" which I view as little more than glorified stereotyping. I expressed the opinion that autism research moneys could be better spent on more serious issues aimed at autism education, treatment and ... cure.

I encourage everyone with a real interest in autism and other medical conditions to visit Specter for the Cure which aims at focusing research efforts on finding cures for medical diseases and disorders including autism. Autism Speaks has already hailed Senator Arlen Specter's Planned Introduction of the Cures Acceleration Network Act. Senator Specter is quoted on the Autism Speaks web site and makes it clear that autism research is one area that is in need of a focus on finding cures:

“Nothing is more important than curing the diseases that damage our spirits, hurt our families and take our lives,” said Senator Specter, himself a cancer survivor. “More money alone won't get us faster cures…we must do this on the scale and with the focus of the way we sent astronauts to the moon. And we need to start now. Americans battling cancer, autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and so many other dreaded diseases have not a minute to waste.”

Several members of the US House of Representative, Representatives Mike Doyle (D-PA), Chris Smith (R-NJ), Eliot Engel (D-NY), and Hank Johnson (D-GA), have introduced the Autism Treatment Acceleration Act of 2009, apparently in coordination with that focus on funding treatment and cure oriented research.

Specter for the Cure provides a link to Autismville author Judith U. 's well written comment, and very personal embrace of Senator Specter's Cure Acceleration Network efforts - Autism: Yes We CAN.

Focus is important if results are to be achieved. If treatments and cures are to be found for the various autism spectrum disorders it will be necessary to focus efforts and monies on research aimed at finding causes, treatments and cures. Enough with the autism laughter research. Let's find cures for autism spectrum disorders.


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Judith U. said...


farmwifetwo said... I see Obama's making friends with the "gay" community and the disability one. I never did think he was any different than his Republican counterpart.

I for one am hoping so that little boy may one day be able to live on his own, have a job, friends and his own family.


Anonymous said...

That study sounds about as useless as the one that Age of Autism talked about a few months ago that showed that fathers of autistic children preferred women without full figures @@. Oh yes, thanks for that bit of useless research. It doesn't add up for US, if you KWIM.

I'm so sick of these "autistic kids focus on the mouth, not the eyes" "dads of autistic kids like boobless women" types of research. Come on!

How about some boobless studies?