Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wisconsin Early Autism Project Using ABA To Help Autistic Children

GazetteXtrA from Janesville Wisconsin features the Wisconsin Early Autism Project in Autism therapy providing results for local children. While anti-ABA advocates like Dr. Laurent Mottron and Michelle Dawson fight to prevent Canadian federal and provincial governments from funding ABA treatment for autism knowledgeable people, like those at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP), who have actual experience with Applied Behavioral Analysis, and who really care about autistic children, are busy helping them using ABA.

As reported by GazetteXtra:

The Wisconsin Early Autism Project is based on applied behavior analysis therapy and is the only program in the state to replicate work and results developed by world-renowned autism expert Dr. Ivar Lovaas of the University of California-Los Angeles, Sherman said.

Wisconsin therapists trained in California and work with children not only in Wisconsin but also at clinics around the world.

The GazetteXtra story reports on several autistic children who have benefited from the Wisconsin Early Autism Project and ABA. While many credible reviews of the scientific literature endorse ABA as an effective, evidence based, autism intervention it is very helpful to read about the actual benefits these children have received from their WEAP administered ABA programs. When you read the parents talk about how their children are doing so much better, and how much happier the children are, you begin to understand why so many parents across North America are fighting for ABA treatment for their autistic children.

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