I respond to Bonnie Price’s “Thank God for autism” on Sept. 29. I have an 8-year-old boy with autism, and I was more than offended by her letter. Unlike her son, my boy can talk. He attends regular school classes with an aide. He loves to swim and ride his bicycle. He loves video games and playing on the computer.

I have a beautiful daughter, too. She is wonderful. She is full of life and is very athletic and bright. My two children are the joy of my life.

Price stated that her autistic son has taught her the meaning of unconditional love. I think all parents have unconditional love for their kids. If they didn’t, there’s something wrong.

She stated that if it weren’t for autism she probably would have worked 40 hours a week in pursuit of material possessions. Is she saying working your butt off in sacrifice to support your wife and kids is a bad thing? Working 40-plus hours a week has bought a house for my family, clothing and bikes for my kids, a swimming-pool membership and cars to drive my daughter to soccer and basketball practices and games.

Autism is horrible. My son has no real friends. He will probably be made fun of when he gets older. He never asks questions. He won’t play soccer, basketball, baseball or football with me. Autism is horrible !

I love my son to death. Seeing him smile or laugh really makes my day. Thank God for Autism? Those are four words that will never come out of my mouth. I thank God for my two great kids, not for my son’s mental disorder.

Edward Boehler