Monday, October 13, 2008

Vote Autism Tomorrow

Tomorrow is decision day in Canada. Vote Autism Tomorrow.

If you have not already voted and you want to cast your vote to support the development of a real National Autism Strategy in Canada please consider voting for the Liberal or NDP parties; whichever is strongest in your riding. The MPs of these two parties voted almost unanimously in support of Shawn Murphy's motion to amend the Canada Health Act to require coverage of ABA treatment for autism. The Conservative and Bloc defeated the motion.

Of the three major federal parties the Stephen Harper Conservatives have made it clear that they will take no serious steps to address Canada's autism crisis. To the contrary the so called National Autism Symposium was a cynical sham, with participants from the autism community selected by the Conservatives and the NIH to exclude serious autism advocates. The slanted symposium summary did note even tell Canadians that the weight of scientific study to date supports the use of ABA as an effective intervention for helping autistic children make substantial persisting gains in communication, social, behavioral and intellectual domains.

Not one single Conservative candidate has indicated support for autism coverage in Medicare. Some such as Deborah Meredith of Vancouver Quadra and Keith Ashfield of Fredericton have told concerned autism parents that they will not discuss autism until AFTER the election. Their dismissal of the existence and interests of the 1 in 150 Canadians, and their familes, affected by an autism spectrum disorder, originates in the first place with Stephen Harper, who wanted to say yes to joining George Bush in invading Iraq but will not join Canadian parents in their struggle to help their autistic children.

The only way to develop a real National Autism Strategy in Canada, to secure federal financing of effective, evidence based, ABA treatment for autistic Canadians is to reduce the number of Harper Conservatives elected by electing more Liberal and NDP MPs.

If the Liberals are stronger in your riding vote autism by voting Liberal.

If the NDP are stronger in your riding vote autism by voting NDP.

Vote autism tomorrow AND encourage your relatives and friends to do the same.

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