Monday, August 11, 2008

Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Canada Need Medicare for Autism NOW!

Nova Scotia has been in the news recently as a result of losing two valuable medical professionals, a husband and wife, who are moving from Nova Scotia to Manitoba so their autistic child can benefit from the autism treatment services at St. Amant. Ontario has also seen a number of news articles -, Toronto Sun, Hamilton Spectator, and Welland Tribune featuring the plight of Ontario's autistic children languishing on waiting lists for treatment that, in some cases is never provided. Saskatchewan, Canada's Autism Wasteland, is also plauged by long waiting lists for treatment for autistic children.

Canada's autistic children need more than the photo op help provided by Conservative MP's who are turning out for the cameras when Jonathan Howard runs through their constituency but who voted against Shawn Murphy's bill to amend the Canada Health to include ABA treatment for autism.

In Nova Scotia NDP Opposition Leader Darrell Dexter, as reported on, has reacted to that province's autism crisis:

NDP leader Darrell Dexter says provincial and federal health ministers need to act to place Autism Spectrum Disorder under the Canada Health Act.

Dexter says the move would ensure equal treatment for all Canadian families affected by autism no matter which province they live in.

The NDP are also calling for Ottawa to enact a national strategy on autism.

Canada needs a National Autism Strategy. Canada Needs Medicare for Autism NOW!

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