Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Conservative MP Patrick Brown's Photo Op Support for Autism

Conservative MP Patrick Brown, Barrie, Ontario, joined Jonathan Howard when the Run the Dream campaign arrived in the Barrie area this week. Mr. Brown ran a ways with him and got a good photo op out of it. Like other Harper Conservative MP's though, when Mr. Brown could have done something to actually help autistic children in Canada he turned his back on them.

When Shawn Murphy's private members bill C-304 calling for a National Autism Strategy and an amendment to the Canada Health Act to include ABA/IBI as a medically necessary treatment for autism was up for a vote in the House of Commons Mr. Brown voted against the Bill. He voted against a measure that would do more than raise awareness, he voted against ensuring that autistic children in Canada, regardless of where there parents live, would receive effective evidence based treatment for autism.


Brown (Barrie)

For Stephen Harper's Conservatives autism is a good photo op but they are not prepared to actually do anything to really help autistic children.

Stephen Harper's Canada does not include autistic children.

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