Saturday, August 02, 2008

Conor Visits Grammy and Grampy And The Drive-In

Those who wonder why the puzzle piece is the symbol for autism should consider Conor's recent visits with his Grammy and Grampy. He always loved to visit and would run right away into the
living room to scan their video collection to make sure all his favorites were there, in their proper
locations. On the past two visits to their home in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley though Conor has wanted to keep his eyes closed and ears covered once he was inside their home. Even though he asks for them regularly when we are home in New Brunswick.

Even today in the hotel room after swimming, he asked to go to Grammy and Grampy's for the second time today. Yet when we got there he kept his ears covered and walked around the house humming loudly. He has progressed since our previous trip when he kept his eyes closed completely.

Outside the house no problem. And Conor posed for a nice picture with Grammy and Grampy

I took advantage of our trip to take some pictures of the Valley Drive-In Theatre, still showing the latest hits, decades after my first visits there as a young child.


Maddy said...

A fine picture indeed.

So which did you watch 'get smart' or the scary Knight?


Unknown said...

Thank you maddy.

We didn't end up going to the Drive In last night. I had already seen both with Conor's older brother and I wouldn't take Conor to see 'Dark Night'. Heath Ledger's joker sent a chill down my spine.