Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Medicare for Autism Now!" Rally, Sunday, March 2nd at 2 PM

"Medicare for Autism Now!" Rally

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
6450 Deer Lake Avenue

Don't forget the Medicare for Autism Now Rally tomorrow March 2nd in Burnaby! Medicare coverage of autism treatment, particularly ABA, would ensure that all autistic children in Canada receive ABA coverage without regard for accidents of geography. It would also help ensure that ABA services that are provided are protected from erosion or loss resulting from that minority, but still common, and often influential, type of bureaucrat who places his, or her, career agenda before the interests of the autistic children they are supposed to help.

Come out and voice your support for Medicare for Autism NOW! Voice your support for autistic children and their right to effective, evidence based treatment NOW!


Anonymous said...

Oh to be in sunny BC to join the group! How interesting is your comment on persons who still actively seek to erode ABA. No more prevelant then right here in NB.
Ombudsman, Bernard Richard's Report 'Connecting the Dots' is a prime example, he did not seek/consult with the Autism Society of New Brunswick, but rather a Community Autism Centre who is operated by a well known anti-ABA Director and Board. Not to mention heavily funded by the Government.
Not until certain people and beaurocrat's look beyond their nose and pocketbook, will New Brunswick catch up with the rest of the World in acknowledging that ABA is still the only proven treatment. We have a good thing going with the UNB-CEL Autism Training, which could be placed at risk. But then again, this certain Community Autism Centre had certain persons enrolled in the UNB-CEL program and did not graduate as they could not meet the grade and standard. Not suprisingly it further fuelled their 'anything but ABA' mantra. And this is who Bernard Richard consulted with....shame...shame.

Good luck New Brunswick you will never get anywhere with the likes of that being consulted by the Government!

HISPANO said...

Could you give some direct link related to the cause?. This should be known worldwide.

Unknown said...


The Medicare for Autism in blue contains a link to the blog of that name.