Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jayden's World - Living With CDLS

Jayden's World - Living with CDLS blog site, above, and web site, were brought to my attention by Kimmie Bevans, mother of 4 year old Jayden, who has CDLS. Kimmie and Jayden live in New Brunswick. Her mother indicates that some of the symptoms, and challenges, of CDLS are similar to autism although it is much more rare. CDLS, or Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, is described on Jayden's World web site:

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome is an extremely rare congenital syndrome that is also recognized under the name Brachmann-de-Lange Syndrome.CdLS is a very serious disability affecting almost every aspect of an individual's intellectual and physical development.Problem areas include vision,hearing,speech and language development,fine motor skills,motor skills,nutrition and feeding,sleeping habits,behavior,intellectual development,muscle development,and severe complications all of which can range from mild to severe.

Check out Jayden's World blog and web sites; to read Jayden's story and for more links and information about CDLS.

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Ettina said...

Personally, I think the characteristic appearance of CdLS is beautiful.
The biggest difference I see between autism and CdLS is the medical problems with CdLS. CdLS children frequently have serious health problems like heart defects, and severely affected children are often stillborn or die shortly after birth. Some autistics have serious health problems, but it's much less common.