Tuesday, March 04, 2008

An Autism Message From BC for Alleged Federal Health Minister Tony Clement

The Medicare for Autism NOW rally held in Burnaby was a huge success. The message is being heard across Canada. Autism is a medical disorder. A well studied treatment is available and it should be covered under Canada's medicare system. The Global News video which follows includes some commentary from dedicated autism advocates Jean Lewis and David Marley.The video also includes some nice footage of parents and the children they love; the children they are doing everything they can to help.

Nothing will be done, though, unless our federal politicians, people like Prime Minister Harper and Alleged Health Minister Tony Clement can be convinced that it is in their political best interests to take action. "Health" Minister Clement prove you really are a Health Minister, take steps now to include medicare coverage for ABA, a proven effective treatment for autism.

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Anonymous said...

Hi HD,

We are very happy to have connected with Jean Lewis, and Sabrina Freeman back in '05. They were most helpful in our efforts to get oriented in the research literature. The modest progress our son has shown has been a result of our initial contact with SKF.