Monday, September 01, 2008

ABA and Autism Success In Modesto California

The Modesto Bee reports on the success story of Effie Linares an 11 year old autistic boy from Modesto, California who was enrolled in a Lovaas ABA program offered by Mila Amerine-Dickens at the age of 3. He is now in a mainstream grade 5 class. The Modesto Bee also includes a picture of Effie with 3 friends. All 4 boys are smiling and appear happy. Nothing "robotic" appearing about Effie Linares.


Marius Filip said...

Can you please provide the link? I'd love to see the picture of the kid.

I am reading your blog regularly. I wish you good luck with your activism!

Unknown said...

marius, sorry about the "missing link". If you click on the highlighted name of Effie Linares in the firs sentence of my blog article it will link you to the story in the Modesto Bee and the picture.