Friday, September 07, 2007

This Autism Blog Is Boring, Do Not Read It Unless ...

.... you are interested in news and commentary about autism, delivered from a reality based perspective; the perspective of a parent trying to do the best for his autistic child.

There is no question that, for some, this is a boring blog site. I have been told that, on several occasions, by no less an authority than notorious New Brunswick blogger and constant pain in the neck, Charles LeBlanc . My friend Charles may be right. I do not permit the more outrageous commentary on this site and I do not try to inflate my visit numbers to seek ad revenue (advertising free site) by pandering to the crowd of internet active autism bloggers who do not view autism as a disorder.

Most parents of autistic children are too busy working, raising their autistic children and advocating for improved public services for their children to offer their reality based autism perspective on internet blogs on a regular basis. I am blessed/cursed by the fact that I rarely sleep more than 4 1/2 to 5 hours a night giving me time for this "indulgence". I hope though that this site has been able to offer a bit of balance to offset the joys of autism crowd that has the time to dominate internet autism blogging and which praises autism and rarely addresses the realities of autism as a serious disorder which restricts the lives of so many.

I have tried to make this a blog site which is truly "about autism", about the day to day, sometimes challenging, sometimes boring realities of raising an autistic child and advocating for change. I hope I have succeeded to some small extent and look forward to a continuing exchange of information and perspective on autism issues.


Anonymous said...

I always vote for you at PB when I see you. This is a wonderful thing that you're doing, and you are an inspiration to me. I'm an Alzheimer's widow who occasionally thinks of something similar, so I can just imagine some of the clueless reactions you get from many people who haven't been touched yet. We just have to keep chip chip chipping away, I think. Best wishes.

Unknown said...


Thank you. I always wondered where that 1 vote comes from at PB. :-)

Suzanne said...

Who are these self-appointed judges of this blog?

Just keep blogging. I don't always agree, but I do take a look.

Anonymous said...

Unlike my friend skdadl, I can't claim that I always vote for you since I don't read all of your blog entries. But I have voted for those that deepened my understanding of your family life and my knowledge of autism. The personal is political.

Autism, I suspect, becomes a 'disorder' when the autistic person cannot navigate the various complex environments that are neither accomodating nor designed to take into account the fact that not all human brains are neurologically 'wired' in the same way. I have known people who displayed some of the characteristics of autism, yet managed to function moderately well. Nonetheless, they always appeared beset by the sense that something was 'wrong' with them, amd thus they over-compensated for this feeling in occasionally disruptive, yet seemingly normal, exhibitions of anxiety and rage.

Anonymous said...

I have only just found you. Im glad that you keep it real. People often dont. And like Suzanne said we dont have to agree!!
From your photos your son looks an angel!!!

Anonymous said...

Heh Harold,

I have not ever ever found your blog boring! More often than not I find that you capture many of the issues parents of autistics face and also the hopes, dreams and fears that many of us hold for our children's future (and the present)... and yes we don't always have to agree... but I still read the blog and I have never been "bored".


Blogger Charles LeBlanc said...

Six comments??? You should use my name more often???


Sorry....Like you, I'm sticking to my gun!!!


You got a new camera? Post some pictures!!!!

After this comment? I might no longer have a lawyer???

I created you so maybe I can get away with this???


Keep blogging!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Charles. If you consider this boring then I know I am doing something right.

I appreciate all the positive comments, especially casdok's comment about my buddy Conor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harold, your site is nice and I was impressed that it was up to date too. That takes a lot of dedication, but then again, you have plenty to keep you motivated don't you. Your son has the face of an angel. Autism is not exactly my bailywick so what I am about to say may elicit chuckles or disbelief at my ignorance, but I will say it anyways: I hope that by the time Conor is our age there is a "cure" or at least treatment that will bridge the gap between his world and ours. Keep up the good work you are doing of informing the public on this very important issue to so many people whose lives are impacted by Autism.

Maya M said...

I can only try and translate a recent post by Bulgarian blogger Marfieta (
"What is the habit some people have recently, when they wonder what to do, to browse people's blogs, then produce some very moralizing entry... Periodically I stumble across a post in which the author complains of somebody else's blog and not only complains but even scorns the blogger because, you see, the blog and its content are at odds with the author's taste. Well, after you don't like it, don't read it, is it so difficult?! Or it is easier for you to write a post extensively offending the person, for no purpose, just to make time pass? ...I also know some blogs that I don't like and because I don't like them, don't read them. It isn't difficult. It is easier to me than to whine to everybody how much I dislike X's or Y's blog, especially if I have never seen that person's eyes. It is masochism to deliberately poke into people's writing just to scratch then your keyboard with anger. But, on the other side, I envy such people, because they evidently have no problems to care about!"

Anonymous said...

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