Friday, June 06, 2014

What an Autism Training Commitment Actually Looks Like

Above former Premier Shawn Graham, a true friend of autistic kids in NB,  and the late Fredericton MP Andy Scott a tenacious advocate for autistic children in Ottawa enjoying some time with the kids at Autism Intervention Services Fredericton

Some parents of autistic children in the Fredericton area are satisfied with statements from some EECD civil servants that commitments for funding autism training for autism intervention centres in NB will take place in Phase 2 of the new autism intervention centre requirements.  ASNB parent advocates never relied on such vague, low level assurances in advocating for the autism intervention services enjoyed by autistic kids in NB today.   

Above former Premier Shawn Graham and the late Andy Scott, former Fredericton autism advocate in Ottawa and Fredericton MP spend some fun time with kids at the Fredericton Autism Intervention Services Centre and Autism Connections Frederictoon community centre.  Below is the commitment made by then Liberal Opposition Leader Shawn Graham with respect to autism services, particularly UNB-CEL Autism Intervention Training for TA's and Resource teachers in NB schools.   Shawn Graham, a true friend of NB's autistic children honored the autism commitments he made ... to the letter.

See paragraph 2, this is what an autism training commitment actually looks like:


Graham, Shawn (LEG) <>





Dear Harold:

Thank you for your letter and for sharing your concerns with me.  In our
Liberal election platform that will be released later this week, we are
committing to the implementation of the recommendations of the
Interdepartmental Committee on Autism released in November 2001.
Although we realize this document is now nearly five years old, it does
provide a basis on which to develop, in partnership with the
stakeholders, a strategy that will assist children with autism from
early childhood and into adulthood.

As well, we will take two concrete steps to address the immediate needs
of children with autism in two areas:  a case management process and
UNB-CEL autism training.

A new Liberal government will:

1.                  Integrate services for young children and their
families by enhancing and expanding the Early Childhood Initiatives
Program to ensure a smooth transition into public school for children
identified as at risk or those with special needs, such as autism.

2.                  Provide UNB-CEL autism training for 100 additional
teaching assistants and Methods and Resource teachers each year for four

I commend you and the members of the Autism Society of New Brunswick on
your tireless advocacy on behalf of children with autism.  You are truly
making a difference in many lives.  Please feel free to contact me at
any time.

Yours truly,

Shawn Graham
Leader of the Official Opposition

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Anonymous said...

This is what I've been asking Mr Alward and co to do. Go to an Autism agency and spend a bit of time with the kids and employees. So far no response. I guess it might be a bit more difficult to look one of our kids in the eye and know he's about to pull the rug out from under them. Please MrAlward. Spend some time in these centres. Speak to some of us parents about the positive changes these centres have made in our kids lives. I've left my contact info for you,along with these same requests at your office. I'm preparing info to mail to you regarding how the 95 % attendance rate (although most of the time not difficult to maintain) flies in the face of regulations set forth by Public a Health. I'll include a written invitation to spend time with my child. At our home,in his centre,both,either.....whatever works for you to....sorry if this sounds rude,it isn't meant to....wake up to this issue. It's very serious. It is not just a dollars and cents issue. Let's have some actual dialogue before you take the hatchet to funding. BN