Sunday, May 18, 2014

Toronto Star: Toronto Councillor Doug Ford Believes Treatment Home for Kids with Autism "Ruined the Community"

Is Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford so contemptible as to verbally attack  children residing at a treatment centre  for children with autism?  

adjective \kən-ˈtem(p)-tə-bəl\  : not worthy of respect or approval : deserving contempt

"Contemptible." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 18 May 2014. 

The Toronto Star reports that Doug Ford, yup, Toronto Councillor Doug Ford, brother of the allegedly rehab dwelling Mayor Rob Ford, thinks that a treatment home for kids with autism ruined the community.  Doug Ford, constantly defending and enabling his brother, the Toronto mayor filmed with crack pipes in his hand, mouthing obscenities, hanging out with alleged gangsters and knocking over a female member of Toronto City Council, thinks a treatment home for kids with autism ruined his community. 

"The director of an Etobicoke home for teens with autism says she is disappointed that Councillor Doug Ford thinks the treatment program has “ruined the community.”

Speaking last week at a meeting between residents and staff from the Griffin Centre, Ford backed neighbours who are concerned about mental health treatment at a home in their midst, according to a report in the Etobicoke Guardian. “My heart goes out to kids with autism. But no one told me they’d be leaving the house,” Ford was quoted as saying. “If it comes down to it, I’ll buy the house myself and resell it.” Ford did not respond to requests for comment from the Star on Saturday."

Anyone following the Ford Brothers Comedy Hour knows that denials inevitably follow reports of disgusting, contemptible behaviour.  In all likelihood Doug Ford will do so  and attack the Toronto Star in the process. 

I am not a fan of the Ford Brothers  but I do actually hope that the Toronto Star is wrong this time. 

I hope that a city councillor of Canada's largest city is not so contemptible as to mouth such a disgusting verbal attack against autistic children.  


Justin Flontek said...

Doug is a disgusting human being and that goes for all those at the community meeting that spouted off, along with Doug. This bigotry is no different than racism and can not be tolerated.

Doug thinks 4 autistic kids are ruining the community, but thinks his crackhead brother should be mayor. How about Rob's favorite crack house, or all the domestic disturbance calls to his house, or the gun running gangstas he hangs with, I'm sure they're all just great for the community.

Someone needs to ask Doug, Rob has his addictions as his excuse, what is yours?

Claire said...
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Unknown said...

Doug Ford has the audacity to say that his "heart goes out to kids with autism".

Given that he wants them out of his community that is absolutely NOT TRUE!

Doug Ford is dishonest and contemptible.

Mommie that Gets It said...

Great post, as always and I really like Justin's comment. My Dad taught me something very valuable about situations such as these, "Consider the source!".

All the best,


farmwifetwo said...

The source being a cross between the Ford's and the newspapers... I'm taking the entire thing with a very large "grain of salt" as the saying goes.

He claims they are out without supervision. If so that is a huge issue. Both for their safety and the safety of others should they dart into the road etc. They are claiming they told everyone what the building is used for and how/why etc.

I suspect like most things it's one person said, the other person said and the truth is somewhere up the middle.

There will always be those (and you noted he said "who have lived here 30yrs"....) that don't like change. Those same people complain children are fat but forget their own kids ran freely up and down the streets playing hockey (which is now banned on most roads, in most municipalities in Ont), riding bikes etc. I hear it from my own parents. Amazing how quickly they forget but are currently the biggest voting portion of the population. Hence, the catering to them.

Ontario municipal elections are in October... politics is ugly. Oh, and that 800mil Wynne talks about my FSW doesn't think it'll ever reach the Comm Livings.

Unknown said...

FW2 You have made many startling comments about autism and ABA on this site over the years but this is the first time that I have to say that I shocked by your comments. I hope you enjoy that heaping helping of salt as your good buddy, autistic kid hater Doug Ford, has confirmed his comments and "defending" them.

Jane said...

So disappointed when I read about this type of misunderstanding, ignorance and lack of caring for our children/adults with serious health issues that deserve attention and programs no less than any other illness. And beyond disappointment is the fear when I realize these are people in positions of influence.

trainspotter said...

@FW2- There is no reading between the lines with the Ford brothers- they are nasty bullies that say everything that pops into their nasty little minds. They have no respect and regard for anyone but themselves and are reveling in the sensational scandals they're creating while they condition the public to accept their abuses of power (funded by our tax-dollars).

As far as Doug's statements that these dangerous autistics are ripping up the neighborhood unsupervised... come on, FW2, the guy hasn't even done his research on autism, I'm pretty sure he knows nothing about their supervision. Plus, he lies, a lot.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and answer Justin's hypothetical question about Doug's excuse... He has none. He's a jerk. Also, I'm pretty sure he gets his crack from the same place as Rob.