Monday, May 19, 2014

Toronto Councillor Doug Ford Confirms His Fear of Children With Autism

Dear Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford, as the father of a son with severe autism disorder, my son Conor pictured above, I want to reassure you that you needn't be so afraid of autistic kids. If you actually get to know any you may find they can even bring a smile to your day.

Doug Ford has stood by his comments that a group home for children and youth with autism is ruining his community.  While his statement, as I said yesterday, is contemptible, and makes no sense,  maybe  inside that big, thug like appearance is just a scared little boy, little Doug Ford, terrified by autistic kids.  As the father of a severely autistic son, I want to assure Doug that there is nothing to be scared of, those autistic kids, like my autistic son, will not hurt him.  Don't be afraid Doug, don't be afraid.


Mommie that Gets It said...

Ignorance abound! My goodness! He is the one missing out on all these wonderful and unique children! Shame on him! Thank you again for your posts! All the best!


Ziekteninfo said...

That's so unfair. Everyone is part of this world.

Belinda Armstrong said...

I wonder if he had something happen to him as a child. You always fear what you don't understand. Maybe he should spend more time with Autistic kids and their parents. Knowledge is power and he may very well become an advocate for them if he just lets go of his fear and ignorance. You never know - it could happen. I know once in band camp......

trainspotter said...

This is what I have to say to Doug Ford:
I live in the Toronto area and everyone but your mother believes you're a brainless crack-head (and I'm being nice for your mother's sake). Sadly, you and your brother are using your days in public office to redefine how depraved you can get, in front of the media, before someone has the sense to fire you. Clearly, you should re-read your job description and stop wasting our tax-paying dollars smoking dope, making offensive statements and visiting 'professional establishments' like your brother.

As the parent of child with severe autism I, too, am deeply offended by your ignorant position. But Mr. Doherty gives you, with your "thug like appearance" too much grace. You're NOT a scared man- you're just a jerk! Here's an idea, if you hate your community because wonderful people, who happen to be disabled, live there- move your narcissistic, crack-smoking, arse to community with other hardcore bigots like yourself. My community was just fine before you moved in and ruined it!

Disclaimer: these are the personal feelings of a blog reader and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this gracious blogger (sorry Mr.Doherty, I really respect your response to this but I'm still too young and impulsive to take the high ground with this bully)