Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Questioning Answers - An Excellent Autism Research Blog

My favorite blog dedicated to autism research is Questioning Answers, by researcher Paul Whiteley,  and I  recommend it for anyone interested in the subject.   Whiteley  presents autism research information in a manner that can be digested by this humble autism dad and is not condescending.  The content is broad, balanced and clear in its coverage of autism research subjects.  Whiteley displays no obvious bias,  (not obvious to me anyway),  in his comments which are always informative.  The QA blog regularly focuses on subjects that will be of interest to parents such as yesterday's Antipsychotics, autism and core symptoms

Whiteley describes his blog and his interest in autism and other research on his blog site profile:

"I have been involved in autism research for more years than I care to remember. The Questioning Answers blog is a place to describe and discuss various research into autism spectrum and related conditions. My Gutness Gracious Me blog is for discussions on various gastrointestinal research. I make no recommendations, I am not giving any medical advice, I am not formulating any specific opinions and do not want to get into any ethical, political or religious debates. I am not trying to change anyone's opinions, views, beliefs or anything else. These are purely blogs about science and research in autism and a few other interesting things. Any posts I make are my own opinions and not reflective of any organisation I am affiliated to. Keep in mind that science deals with probabilities not absolutes."

I follow Questioning Answers, read it regularly, and follow Whiteley's Twitter updates @QuestAnswers as well.  In my opinion Whiteley's blog profile self description is accurate and honest.  On Blogger and on Twitter Questioning Answers is a valuable  resource and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in autism disorder research.

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