Saturday, December 18, 2010

Conor's (and Aunt Sandra's) Christmas Gift to Grammy and Grampy

I got a very nice phone call yesterday from my mother,  shown with Dad and Conor in the top picture taken a couple of years ago at Mom and Dad's home in Nova Scotia. My sister Sandra had printed up the next two pictures that I had posted to Facebook of Conor with me, and with Santa, at the Autism Connections Christmas party last Saturday. Sandra was going to give them to Mom and Dad as Christmas gifts but couldn't wait  and gave them right away. Mom called to tell me that the pictures of Conor looking so happy  really made Christmas for her and Dad this year. 


Claire said...

Great photos. I cannot help but notice, though, just how much bigger Conor is than Santa!

Unknown said...

LOL Yup and Santa isn't all that tiny himself.