Saturday, November 27, 2010

Science in Autism Treatment Newsletter

The following E-blast, which I am happy to post here at Facing Autism in New Brunswick,  is from Josh Pritchard of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment:

Hello All!

We have all witnessed consumers enticed and distracted by the myriad of alternative treatments that have been put forth. Often, these treatments run counter to effective approaches and may deplete precious resources.  We believe that ASAT’s free e-newsletter may help. Newsletter recipients will stay informed of up-to-date science-based treatments, read about ASAT’s response to inaccuracies about autism treatment in the media, and learn how science can be used to inform decision making. 

If you’re at your computer and have a few moments, now might be a perfect time to sign up for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment’s free quarterly newsletter, Science in Autism Treatment.  You can sign up here:

We have a new issue coming out soon – signup so that you’ll receive it first!
Our goal was to get our newsletter out to 6000 subscribers by the end of 2010.  We’re quickly reaching the end of 2010 – and only need a few more subscribers! Will you help us reach it?

If you’re unfamiliar with SIAT, it is a newsletter packed with information (20-30 pages per issue) that include things such as:

·       Is there science in that? [we take treatments proposed for autism and examine the scientific literature supporting it]

·      Consumer Corner [we feature a resource of interest to consumers]
T Treatment  Summary [we choose a treatment proposed for autism and provide a very brief summary]

·       Clinical Corner [we have a clinician answer a specific question related to autism treatment]

·       Interview with those in the field [we interview a ASAT board members/volunteers, parents, and scientists in the field]  

·       Article reviews [generally 3 article reviews that provide a quick and easy review of articles germane to scientific treatment in autism]
Upcoming Events that may be of interest to the reader

·       Book Reviews…
…and much more

Please also see If you are already signed up – we urge you to share this invitation with others that you think might be interested.  

We hope you are having a great holiday weekend!

Yours in Science,

Josh Pritchard
Co-Editor of SIAT

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David Celiberti said...

Thanks Harold! We appreciate the exposure and hope some of your visitors here will sign up for our newsletter.
David Celiberti, ASAT President