Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Ontario Brain Institute to Include Autism Treatment & Cure Research by Dr. Peter Szatmari

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has announced the creation of an Ontario Brain Institute which will include autism disorder expert Dr. Peter Szatmari and a focus on finding biomedical treatments and cures for autism disorders.  Dr. Szatmari informed the Hamilton Spectator:

“I think it’s pretty exciting,” Szatmari said Tuesday. “It reflects the importance of a knowledge economy and the importance of biomedical research, particularly in science-research in the quality of life for the people of Ontario. To have a government recognize the importance of the brain in people’s everyday lives is fabulous.


“Currently, we don’t have any biomedical treatments that can treat or even cure the disorder,” Szatmari said. “I’m hoping that with some of these genetic discoveries we can figure out what is going wrong in the brain so we can specifically target those pathways and cure the disorder.”

To even have an autism expert talking in a meaningful context is a huge step forward  in the battle to find cures for autism disorders.  Just recently the Mysterious "Dr. M" testified as an expert witness before a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in one of Michelle Dawson's proceedings against Canada Post Corporation and informed the tribunal that the "notion" of curing autism is nonsense. To see real steps being taken toward finding treatements and cures for autism disorders, even to speak openly about the possibility of finding cures for autism disorders, is a long overdue but welcome development.


farmwifetwo said...

Yeah, McGuinty....

Can spend 1.2 billion on full time daycare and call it JK/SK. Can then refuse to fund aides in that full time daycare for children with autism - my FSW has 3 of them that are being asked to stay home...

Can lose a billion to e-health and lose a billion b/c of NIMBY'ism wrt a gas fired power plant in the 905 area code!!!

Cut back on group homes and special services at home funding.

Cut back on funding in school OT and speech services for special needs children. My OT's being cancelled solely b/c he prints... barely. Sensory.... they don't "do" sensory... ever. Fine motor only.

Refuse to regulate PSW's, yet they are the ones that will be looking after you and I when we're in Senior facilities and group home facilities for those who require care....

But WOW!!! We can dump money into a "Brain institute" and in the 416/905 area code b/c we all know... as far as the Liberals are concerned... that is Ontario.

Give me a break.... Still not going to vote for him next year. Have no idea who I'm going to vote for... all the Prov parties are just as bad.

Unknown said...

OK FW2 you don't like McGuinty. And you don't like the entire Toronto-Burlington area.

Are you opposed to autism treatment and cure research?