Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conor's Apple Picking Education

Conor receives instruction, including ABA based instruction, at Leo Hayes High School, a neighborhood school. He interacts with other students in the Resource Center and in common areas of the school. He also gets to go on school outings to places like the pool at his former middle school and recently went apple picking with other students and with a Teacher Assistant who was kind enough to take, and forward,  some excellent pictures. And, oh yeah, Conor loves apples. We go through a lot of them at home.



Stranded said...

He's so handsome in these photos. Its cool how I have been following this blog for a year and I got to see him grow up a bit in the pics!

Bullet said...

Glad he had a nice time. Tom likes picking apples as well.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that he has such a great ABA Team and school district that supports him. I see so many kids placed (dumped really) in these so called "wonderful private schools" and they are nothing but babysitting services. The parents are just too dumb to care or to realize that. Sounds like he has a great education.