Monday, September 27, 2010

The Future of NBers with Autism Will Be Decided Here; Please Vote FOR Autism

Today New Brunswickers will vote.  

We will come together and decide who will represent us in the  legislature.  This is the most important decision we, citizens in this province, will make for the next 4 years.  

If news reports are true many will vote in anger or cynicism or out of a desire to punish the governing party. That is their democratic right. That is your democratic right. I ask you though, as the father of an autistic son, to not let anger determine the future of your family member with autism. Please vote FOR our autistic loved ones, family members and family friends with autism.  Please do not vote in anger or cynicism. Vote for the party that, over the past 4 years,  made New Brunswick a leader in preschool and school autism services in Canada.  

Please do not vote for a party attempting to capitalize on anger. Do not vote for a party which will give New Brunswickers cliches like "community", "inclusion", and "connecting the dots" but will dismantle the evidence based programs that have been built and helped our children.  Do not vote for a party which will dismantle New Brunswick's Canada leading evidence based early intervention and education system.  Please do not vote for anger and the Conservative Party.  Please vote Liberal ... for the continuation of solid autism programs that have benefited our children.

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