Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rowing to Italy - A New Autism Blog You Should Follow

Blogs, including autism blogs, come and go. There are many out there.  I am very pleased to give a shout out for Rowing to Italy a new autism blog by a personal friend, Charlotte Robinson-Rocca. 

Charlotte is a dedicated mother and an autism therapist who  has been a major player in New Brunswick autism advocacy over the past decade. In addition to providing autism interventions to her own autistic children,  she has also worked with  other autistic children in New Brunswick.

I am not going to get too specific in my description of Charlotte.  When Charlotte sees a problem to be fixed or a challenge to be addressed she does so and she does it well.  I will guarantee you that  she is a force to be reckoned with. Many fellow  parent autism advocates and some current and former New Brunswick politicians will smile knowingly at my comment.  

I will also guarantee you that the autism "blogosphere" has just been changed ... for the better.


Tammy said...

Hi Charlotte. Welcome to the Blogosphere.

Rae said...

I like the idea of an autism blog. I should have started one myself many years ago. I have a 14 year old boy who is autistic and I think there are some challenges that would be worth discussing.

Some of the challenges I face are now that he is in fact 14, he is hormonal and I'm not sure how to deal with that.

Mom on a Mission said...

Thanks Harold. I will try to live up to your expectations!