Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Autism Jabberwocky Documents Neurodiversity Hypocrisy

As I have noted before,  Autism Jabberwocky may be the best autism blog on the internet. It is certainly one that I read regularly. It is always well written and genuinely fair and balanced. None of which prevents blog author MJ from taking clear positions on issues.

In two recent posts, Left Brain Right Brain : The Bullies On Bullying and Neurodiversity's Hypocrisy, Autism Jabberwocky hits Neurodiversity ideologues on the hypocrisy that permeates their writings. . I recommend both posts, and the Autism Jabberwocky blog generally, for readers seeking an informed balanced and no nonsense perspective on autism issues.

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures such love and closeness of your family. May God bless you all.
Also, i loved your pledge to your son. beautiful.