Monday, April 05, 2010

River Rising Tall Guy Walking

Mom, Dad and Tall Guy (Conor) were up for our early morning trail walk to the Superstore.  We  live near the St. John River which has been rising.  You can see the waters up near the trail and bridges in the pictures.  But the trail is still dry and clear and we headed out.  Conor looked forward to one of his usual treats -  "Baby" Birthday Cakes at the Superstore.  

When we arrived the cakes were just fresh out of the oven and had no icing on them so we went for a walk over to the nearby Circle Place where Conor waited patiently.  When we returned the icing was still being done but one was all ready for Conor.  The lady at the counter did it up for him right away. (It isn't Conor's birthday he just likes the small "Baby" Birthday cakes).  We don't give lectures to the people at the Superstore, or anyhwere else in Fredericton, about autism acceptance.  Conor has always been well treated by the good people of Fredericton. And we appreciate it. 


Anyong said...

I lived in Fredricton for awhile in the 70's and have always thought about going back. Then, it was a great place to live.

Unknown said...

Hi Anyong.

I have lived across Canada as a child (army brat) and adult.

Ilove it here in Fredericton and it has been a great place for Conor.

Þorgerður said...

This is a beautiful place.