Monday, April 26, 2010

CBS Utters Autism Profanities: The C Word and the P Word

CBS may be asking for trouble with its use of words deemed profane by self appointed spokespersons on behalf of severely autistic children and adults. In one article alone Autism Challenges American Science to Seek Cure CBS utters two words, "cure" and "parents", that are considered vulgar, unfit for discussion  and morally reprehensible by President Obama's disability council nominee Ari Ne'eman and other very high functioning leaders of Autism's Neurodiversity sect who do not consider autism a disorder or a disability that should be cured and who oppose efforts by parents seeking cures for their own autistic children. To compound its poor behavior CBS even interviewed, and quoted, some parents of autistic children.

Parents seeking cures for their children's autism disorders being given a platform by CBS News?

Oh, the horror of it all!


Anonymous said...

I'm done searching for cures, and I'm tired of reading how they "recovered" their child by some diet? or some device they used? I've been there, done that. My child never changed, he improved, progressed whatever you want to call it, but is no way "cured" and the more I believed in having him just a have a happy life, advocating left and right for his future rather then focusing on to get rid of his autism, the better I personally think he will have at life!

When is the news going to put on television the actual reality of autism, where the child is 6'1, in diapers, still throws fits and has little to no understanding of his world around him. Then I think we will see less of "wanting a cure" especially since this affects not only cute children and more of trying to find a way where our children can at least live a somewhat happy life in a place where society actually accepts them, and a place where the family doesn't have to worry who will die first, the kid or the parent secretly praying the kid does(yes I will admit I've thought that once or twice before, sad isn't it), or what happens when the kid becomes too strong to handle? where is there to take our children when society doesn't even learn to accept our children!

The more the news displays young impressionable children, cures, recoveries, the less our children who will become adults will have a better future. When autism hits adulthood and the recovery, cute, cures, ideas don't even phase you anymore, that is when you wish this world would focus more on helping find communities, schools that last longer then 21, homes where has better supervision, and just some place you know your child can go to one day so your not up all night worrying whether they'd be happy and safe when your not around!

Jaclyn [mom to severely epileptic autistic son]

farmwifetwo said...

Canada AM has a series on autism this week and they are discussing the P word and the C word.

Oliver M Canby said...

Nice sarcasm Harold. The sad thing is that a neurodiverse blog would say what you just said but in all seriousness