Sunday, December 20, 2009

IACC Head Says No Question Environment Is a Component of Autism

David Kirby's recent interview with Dr. Thomas Insel of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee is quite possibly the autism interview of the decade, one that will be referenced in future histories of autism.

Kirby interviewed Dr. Insel after the release of new CDC data showing yet another stunning increase in autism rates to 1 in 110. In Dr. Insel on Rising ASD Numbers: “No Question” About Environmental Factors  Kirby quotes a very candid Dr. Insel  about the role of environmental factors in causing autism:

"there is no question that there has got to be an environmental component here."

That statement is a huge development in in the history of autism research. It marks the official  end of the "it's gotta be genetic" mindset of autism research identified 10 years ago by Teresa Binstock.

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1 comment:

farmwifetwo said...

Environment can be anything from industrial to prenatal to current health care..... But to even acknowledge the possibility is important.

Have to start somewhere.