Friday, December 11, 2009

Autism Reality in Ohio for a Brave, Caring Mother and her Autistic Son

The Autism News is carrying a story and video from Melissa Voetsch and WTOL News 11 in Toledo Ohio, of a 36 year old mother with breast cancer and her non verbal 16 year old autistic son. The mother is herself a special education teacher who lives with the great fear of many parents of autistic children .... what will happen to her son when she is gone:

If I even allow myself to think of him without me… I can’t even go there,” said Born."

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – One young Toledo mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating, but her greater challenge is worrying about who will care for her autistic son.

35-year old Lorie Born’s uncertain. She’s getting a double mastectomy after two different and aggressive types of breast cancer were detected during an MRI.

Born says her 16-year-old son, Jeremy knows something’s wrong, but to what extent, she’s doesn’t know.

Indeed, the only thing on Born’s mind is getting through this for Jeremy. “I told him it was going to be hard for me to hug him — which is hard because we’re huggers.”

Autism robbed the 16-year-old of words, but his mother has been his constant connection to the world.

As a special education teacher, Born has no doubt Jeremy’s 24-hour care wore her down.

Born intends to fight for her son who sheds silent tears of love and for the mom who intends to continue to be his voice.

“If I even allow myself to think of him without me… I can’t even go there,” said Born.

A spaghetti dinner, bake sale and auction to benefit Lorie Born will be held at Bayside Boardwalk at 2759 Seaman Rd. in Oregon on Dec. 13 from 2-7 p.m. Tickets are $10. Donations can also be made in the name of the Lorie Born Cancer Fund at any Fifth Third Bank.


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Jen said...

So sad, and yes, it has crossed my mind also.I think about it more now since my little boy was diagnosed with autism as I know I am the best person for him, same as any parent is best for their own child. Jen