Monday, November 23, 2009

Conor Returns to the Circle Place

Conor returned to the Circle Place, the Nashwaaksis Commons, today for the first time in almost two years. He used to love going to the Circle Place and then he just stopped and refused to go back.

Today though we were in the area anyway and with some gentle urging from Dad Conor revisited his old haunt and had a blast. He has grown at least half a foot since his last visit and his footing was a little wobbly to start but he got it back quickly and had lots of fun.

Dad was happy too.

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navywifeandmom said...

Glad he had fun. My daughter likes to balance on things like curbs now the way Conor was doing on the circles; it's fun to watch them have fun just doing simple things like that.

Barry Hudson said...

Hi Harold,

It is great to see the shots of your son enjoying fun - a great pursuit all us NT's seem to miss to often.

Hey - where is the black sock?

One of my favourite posts of yours some time ago noted when asked what socks to wear Connor give you the reply "one white, one black" (sorry if my quote is not exact). No negative, the literalness of ASD can sometimes make me smile as I have seen many times with my son.

Unknown said...

Hi Barry

Conor still prefers "white and black" for his socks. I think most of his socks were in the wash when he got dressed that day.

It was great for me to see him enjoying the Circle Place. As with anytime he is happy or enjoying himself, which is often, it makes old Dad feel good too.

Hope all is well with you and your family. Are autism services improving in Ontario?

Barry Hudson said...

Hi Harold,

Sorry for being so late in reply to your question. We are doing well thanks.

In terms of how things are for services in Ontario they have actually gotten worse since your last post about Ontario. I have seen letters newly diagnosed parents have received from the Ministry responsible for ASD therapy funding (post diagnosis) and they are being told now that funding for therapy can be 3 – 4 years, add the wait for diagnosis (usually one year) and the quickest Ontario funds therapy is 4 years (we waited just shy of 3). The reality of Ontario is that most will not see funding until 5 years. The government does not even bother to pretend to care now since they have the economic excuse, last time I had any communication with my MPP I was flatly told to not bother to make any contact on this issue – the government intends to do nothing more than what is being done now.

As you have written many times - the parents are largely left to their own and no government is serious about aiding the vulnerable. In Ontario it is very trendy for politicians to make grand statements to support helping the truly vulnerable but when delivery is needed the vulnerable are getting “all we can afford”. The recent spending scandal here for a billion dollars blown [it will likely tally to over $1.7 billion when the dust settles] on an eHealth system that did not get delivered shows me that it is more important for the pigs to be at the troth than anything else.