Thursday, April 16, 2009

Autism Reality NB Blocked At lbrb

One of the frequent visitors to this site is someone whose autism views I do not share.

Kevin Leitch of lbrb, a leading Neurodiversity site has published a few, distorted caricatures of the views I express on this site. I often visit LB/RB, now lbrb, to see what nonsense the ND crowd is up to and to get the ND spin that gets flushed into the internet at least once a day. I note that several of my Facing Autism blog comments have been featured in caricatures offered up at lbrb.

Notwithstanding the frequent visits to my site Kev, and his partners ,don't like to acknowledge visits here for some curious reason. I, however, have no problem acknowledging that I visit lbrb to try and introduce some reason into the largely ND ranting that goes on there. So I joined the Google friend connects feature now located at lbrb and which I also have in the sidebar here. I saw my Google icon of my scruffy bearded face after I did. Today I visited lbrb again and the scruffy old beard icon was gone. I thought I must have made a mistake in registering so I attempted to re-register and I got the following message:

I am disappointed that Kev, Sullivan and the ND gang at lbrb wish to exclude me from their circle of friends. Since I know they visit here often I will promise that if they let me join I will behave myself and never make any more reality based comments about autism disorders. Well, I promise to try anyway. Of course maybe that is not possible, having a 13 year old diagnosed with autism 11 years ago, a son with autistic disorder and profound developmental delays, I find it hard to imbibe the ND Kool-Aid found at lbrb. But hey, I tried to be "friends" anyway.

I don't hold grudges though Kev. You and Sully and Mike Stanton and the ND gang are all welcome here, as Google connect friends, on my site. In fact, truth be told, I do kind of view it as an honor to be blocked from your site since you do nothing to help autistic children by promotion of an anti-treatment, anti-cure, pretend the severely autistic do not exist ideology.

I assume my contrary, reality based, perspective is making you uneasy.

That must be a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings toward your views of LBRB. I appreciate your opinions regarding the necessity of evidence-based interventions such as ABA. I also appreciated LBRB's opinions against anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists and biomedical autism quackery that preys on desperate parents.

I don't subscribe to the neurodiversity ideal that autism is not a disorder and should be embraced. I also don't subscribe to unproven biomedical camp, who's views I consider just as radical and destructive as the neurodiversity movement.

I embrace the interventions that science has proven can be beneficial and I reserve judgment on interventions that have yet to be validated.

Claire said...

I personally embrace the interventions that in my experience with my child have proven to be beneficial and I reserve judgment on "experts" who tell me otherwise.

farmwifetwo said...

Can I just say.... Congratulations!!!! We may not always agree.... but to be banned should be considered an honour... wonder if I will be one day....

I find the LBRB to be simply a "let's bash the other camp" blog... they do absolutely nothing to positively promote autism, education, services, anything for autistic children or adults in any country.

Otherwise.... all I have to say is "what anonymous said".


John Best said...

Kev did the same thing to me years ago. He doesn't like it when you make him look like a fool on his own site so he blocks you.

Congratulations! Now you know that Kev is afraid of you.