Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stephen Harper's Photo Op Support for Autism

Jonathan Howard has helped raise awareness for autism with his run across Canada. He has met with political leaders of all levels and parties. Some of those he met with are genuine in seeking to help autistic children and adults and their families. Some are not. Stephen Harper is not.

The Harper government did nothing to help autistic children across Canada receive evidence based treatment for autism. Not a thing. Until now. Stephen Harper posed recently with Jonathan when he and Terry Robinson arrived in Terry's home town of Dryden.

After all the struggle with parents advocating for their autistic children in every province in Canada over the past 10 years, after the Auton, Wynberg and Hewko cases, with autistic children in Canada still lacking access to evidence based effective autism interventions Stephen Harper finally offers his contribution to the cause of autism in Canada --- he posed for a picture with Jonathan Howard.

Well done Mr Harper.

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