Monday, September 15, 2008

Deborah Meredith, Conservative Candidate Vancouver Quadra, Has No Time For Autism

Deborah Meredith, Conservative Candidate, Vancouver Quadra has no time to discuss issues affecting autistic children and adults. She is too busy trying to get elected to waste her time talking to an autism advocacy group in BC until AFTER the election as shown in this response to a group who had sought an interview with Ms Meredith:

"If elected I would be happy to meet with you to talk about autism and the Canada Health Act. I am awfully busy right now trying to win this election as I'm sure you can understand."

Elections are generally the period when citizens seek answers from the candidates before deciding who to vote for. Ms. Meredith's contempt for autistic issues is matched by her party leader, the sweater guy, Stephen Harper, alleged health minister Tony Clement and Alberta Conservative Mike Lake, father of an autistic child receiving ABA in oil rich Alberta who doesn't think the federal government should ensure that autistic children across Canada receive the benefit of ABA therapy.


nbt said...

Never a big fan of her sister, not her. Good post.

Christine said...

What a response! I am sure she would love to sit down with the parents after she is elected to tell them it is a provincial issue. So typical of some of her party members I have had contact with to date. Dean Allison a Conservative MP also pushes the issue back to the province. He tried to tell me about Mike Lake also. Mike Lake does not represent parents of autism. He must have the financial means to pay for ABA although lucky for him he lives in the province with coverage.

Please continue to keep us up to date on all MP's. It is a pleasure to read your blog.

Thank you.

Marni Wachs said...

Not surprising at all considering the record the Conservatives have on autism.

To all:
If autism is your issue - steer clear of them!

Johnson said...

Why has this been no where in the media? I can't find it in any newspaper archives. You'd think there'd be better coverage of such a dumb comment. Can some one possibly point me to a source for this story please?

Unknown said...

Edmond Zola

The information is from my own sources in the organization Ms. Meredith refused to meet with.

Johnson said...

Thanks for the follow up.