Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kaufman To Sell Son-Rise In Scotland

Scotland on Sunday reports that Raun Kaufman is off to Scotland to sell parents of autistic children on his Son-Rise program. The article quotes several voices urging caution with respect to Son-Rise and Mr. Kaufman's claim including Dr Richard Mills, director of independent charity Research Autism:

"Anecdotal reports of recovery are not evidence. There have been no independently conducted, peer-reviewed scientific trials of the Son-Rise method so we cannot recommend it to parents."

The MADSEC Autism Task Force Report (2000 Rev.) described Son-Rise as:

page 6:

• Without scientific evaluation of any kind:
Greenspan’s DIR/”Floor Time,” Son-Rise.

page 54:


There have been no peer-reviewed, published studies of The Son-Rise Program’s effectiveness
or outcome statistics. Son Rise: The Miracle Continues chronicles the experiences of Barry and Samahria Lyte Kaufman as they created a program to meet the needs of their young son, diagnosed with autism and an IQ under 30. According the Kaufman (1997), their son currently has a near genius IQ, and no traces of his original condition.


There have been no studies of the Son-Rise Program’s effectiveness. Researchers should consider investigation using research protocols. Professionals considering Son-Rise should portray the method as without scientific evaluation of any kind, and should disclose this status to key decision makers influencing the child’s intervention.

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Unknown said...

Prove to me that "love" exists or doesn't exist! All there is is anecdotal evidence! My son is nearly recovered from sever autism because of Son-Rise. Evidence my butt, Son-Rise works and our team of volunteers sees the proof with their eyes every single day. We treat our son with absolute love and respect - not like an animal that needs to be house broken such as some of the evidence based therapies. Son-Rise works and full recovery is absolutely possible - no matter what the researchers say!!