Friday, June 20, 2008

The Incomprehensible Death of a 9 Year Old Autistic Boy In Quebec

The Montreal Gazette has reported the following information from the Conorer's report into death of a 9 year old autistic boy, Gabriel Poirier:

"A coroner's report released today revealed suffocation as the probable cause of the death of a nine-year-old autistic boy. ... After being told repeatedly to calm down by a teacher, he was rolled in a weighted blanket. With his arms by his side, he was left on his stomach for over 20 minutes with only his toes exposed. When the teacher went to check on him, he was "listless and blue in the face," the Coroner's report said. "

Arms Restrained
Face covered (only his toes exposed)
Left on his stomach
Left unattended for over 20 minutes

If that information is correct it is difficult for me to see the actions by the teachers involved, who owed a duty of care to that child, to be anything less than gross incompetence and negligence, possibly criminal negligence. I can think of no excuse or justification for their actions.

The death of 9 year old Gabriel Poirier is incomprehensible.

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Christine said...

This monster must be punished to the full extent of the law. The child was told to "calm down." What kind of person was working with a child with autism? Around the globe we need certified and credible people working with our children. What kind of training does this school offer on an ongoing basis and what credentials must a person have to be hired? Do they have to take a non-violent crisis intervention course? I am not a believer in the holds this course has but some of the techniques I believe are ok. Did this child not have a behaviour plan developed by a Dr. to follow in escalating situations? I am very sorry for this families loss. The people who did this and let this happen must be held accountable. Anyone who knew this was being done is just as guilty for not stopping it and reporting this persons abuse.