Monday, June 23, 2008

"He's Right Here", Missing Autistic Man, Keith Kennedy, Found Alive In Wisconsin

Keith Kennedy, the missing autistic man from Minnesota, has been found alive a mile from the Wisconsin camp from which he went missing a week ago. Mr. Kennedy was found, curled in a fetal position, severely dehydrated and covered with sores and ticks, just before searchers were to decide whether to start scaling back on search efforts according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. It was the fourth sweep of that area by searchers who were amazed to find him:

"We were yelling for the other guys because [the woods were] so thick," he said. "Suddenly we came to a clearing and Jim said, 'He's right here.' I said, 'Who?' and Jim said, 'No, he's right here, the one we're looking for. He's right here.'"

Congratulations to all the searchers who made such a determined effort to find Keith Kennedy. Incredibly, and thankfully, this has ended well for Keith Kennedy and his family.

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Christine said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date on Keith. I am thankful that he was found. I hope he will have a speedy recovery and can not imagine what he and his family have gone through.

I can not describe the panic I feel having a child who is on the severe end of the spectrum. The sleepless nights we have over our child being a flight risk are to many to count. I am very thankful for IBI therapy. IBI has taught our child to respond to their name and to come over to us when we call.

I can not imagine what parents before us have gone through without the awareness and interventions that we now have. Much work still needs to be done and I will continue to lobby our politicians and create awareness. I am a firm believer in Medicare for Autism. The safety and well being of our children depends on it.