Wednesday, June 18, 2008

autism's gadfly, A Name Well Chosen, A Blog Worth Visiting

If you want to read a good "autism" blog check out autism's gadfly hosted by Jonathan Mitchell. He is truly a straight shooter who calls it the way he sees it. And doesn't mind, or maybe enjoys, challenging anyone's autism beliefs and opinions. Although Jonathan is an adult with autism he is not anti-cure and does not embrace the Neurodiversity/Autism Rights ideologies - the full title of his blog is "autism's gadfly I don't need no stinkin' neurodiversity"

I enjoy reading Jonathon's comments even though we disagree on many points, particularly ABA. As he puts it on his web site Jonathon is pro-cure, anti-neurodiversity, anti-special ed, anti-ABA. Not being a fan of the Neurodiversity/alleged Autism Rights Movement I enjoy the shots he takes at the leaders of those "movements" although I wince when he calls parents well intentioned but misguided for advocating for specific treatments, including ABA.

Good Morning America should do their viewers a favor and grant Jonathan the equal time he requested as an autistic person who does not share the Neurodiversity views advocated on their show by alleged Autism Rights advocate Ari Ne'eman. (Mr. Ne'eman was also accompanied by autism parent Kristina Chew who has embraced the sweet surrender of the anti-cure Neurodiversity movement.)

Not all autistic persons, even those who are high functioning, share Mr. Ne'eman's views. And not all agree with the heated rhetoric of Michelle Dawson. autism's gadfly is one that does not. His unique perspective is well worth reading.


jonathan said...

Thanks so much for your kind words of endorsement HB.

Jon Mitchell

Unknown said...

You keep us all sharp Jon.