Sunday, April 27, 2008

Autism & Stimming, 2000+ Views for Conor Stimming Video

"Conor Counting and Stimming", Conor's Youtube video showing him stimming while counting from 1 to 100, has now received more than 2000 views (2,050 at present, without CNN promotion).

Conor has Autistic Disorder with profound developmental delays. He will not be attending Simon's Rock College for gifted youths. And he will not be writing elaborate screenplays explaining how his stimming is a way of communicating with the physical world around him. His language skills are not that good. As far as I can tell, Conor stims to relieve tension and frustration. He enjoys stimming and we do not try to eliminate stimming behavior. But it is not a "language" in any sense of that word. His favorite stim object is the straw which he manipulates in this video.

Conor's stimming is not dramatic, it is not fancy but ... it is real. It is what he does ... whether there is a camera trained on him or not.

2,050 views. If some of those viewers are new to autism then I am glad that they had the opportunity to see autistic stimming, Conor style. No drama, no profound philosophy, not very fancy but very real.

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earthlingorgeous said...

wow! thank you for this video, more people are aware now.

it's sad really that government around the world, like from where I am doesn't, give much support and attention to ASD and it's really hard not much resources but self study mostly is what help us.

God bless!