Saturday, October 06, 2007

The CIHR's Autism Agenda - What Is It?

Amongst the many criticisms of the CIHR' s secretive National Autism Symposium is the fact that there is still, one month before the chosen ones gather behind closed doors at the Toronto Airport, no publicly available agenda, no list of speakers, and no list of names of the chosen ones.

In this exercise in "community building above all" who will be representing the autism community in New Brunswick? What questions will they be asking on behalf of my 11 1/2 year old profoundly autistic son? What subjects will they be discussing which might affect my son's future?

The speakers must have been confirmed for weeks now and the subjects on which they will be speaking at this Star Chamber proceeding must be known to Ms Beckett, Mr. Quiron and Mr Harper. Why not at least tell potential members of this community that you plan to build what the CIHR, and your hand picked "community" representatives, will be discussing on our behalf?

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