Saturday, October 27, 2007

Autism Research Conference in Wales November 9

An autism research conference, open to the public, including parents? A list of scheduled speakers and topics published in advance of the conference? Yes, the Inaugural Autism Research Conference Wales will be taking place at Cardiff on November 9 co-hosted by Autism Cymru, Wales’ national charity for autism and Autism Speaks. Speakers, including Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor Anthony Bailey, Professor Anthony Monaco, Professor Martin Raff, Dr Dawn Wimpory, Professor Mark Johnson, Professor Declan Murphy, Lois Grayson, Professor Martin Knapp and Dame Stephanie Shirley will be discussing the latest in autism research developments.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the CIHR will also be holding an Autism Research Symposium in Toronto on November 8 and 9. This event is by invitation only, with no list of speakers and no list of topics to be discussed. Only in Canada you say? Pity!

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