Monday, October 01, 2007

Autism In Ontario Election 2007

Autism appears to be an impact issue in the current Ontario election campaign. On the first day of October, which is the Autism Awareness month in Canada, the Globe and Mail has an article on autism in the campaign which also highlights NDP candidate and autism mother Nancy Morrison. Ms. Morrison is the mother to whom Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty promised help for autistic children in the 2003 campaign before breaking the promise and fighting parents of autistic children in court.

"Mr. McGuinty promised in the letter to end the previous Progressive Conservative government's "unfair and discriminatory" practice of cutting off funding when children turned 6. "These children need - and deserve - our help and support," the letter says.

The problem for Mr. McGuinty is that Ms. Morrison kept her end of the bargain and he didn't."

- Karen Howlett, Globe and Mail, Plight of Autistic Children Resonates in Campaign

It would be great if the NDP or Conservative Parties formed the government, or held the balance of power in a minority government. A lot could change in the week and a half left in the election campgain. Right now though it is looking like another McGuinty Majority. And that would mean 4 years of keeping the pressure on Dalton McGuinty to provide real help for autistic children. If that happens then, hopefully, Nancy Morrison will be sitting as an MPP in the Ontario Legislature to see to it that Mr. McGuinty provides real help to autistic children.

Facing Autism in New Brunswick Hesitant Ontario Election Prediction - 4 More years of McGuinty and more broken autism promises.

Hopeful Note - I also picked Bob Rae to win the Liberal Party nomination, Ottawa to beat Anaheim in the Stanley Cup finals last spring, and France to beat Italy for the World Cup.

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