Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Conor and the Computer

Autism or no autism Conor is pretty handy with some of our entertainment technology. He is better than his dad at manipulating the DVD/VCR equipment and he loves to play on the computer. He will sit (usually quietly) for as much as an hour at a time playing on the PBS Kids site. In the photo above bottom you can see on the toolbar folder bookmarks for May & Mieguel, Big Birds, Dragon Tales and just the tail end of the Friends book mark. All these bookmarks were made by Conor without our involvement or instruction. He may well have been taught how to bookmark at school but it is still a boost for us to see him able to use this technology for his amusement.

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Sunshine said...

My brother is autistic and just turned 20 last month. When he had been mainstreamed in a "normal" classroom, the second year he had surpassed the teacher's capabilities in keeping up with him on the computer. I think there is a certain amount of comfort in the clicking and seeking that the computer offers, he could have done that all day long!