Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Autism Speaks at Conor's House

Autism Speaks has done a terrific job in raising Autism Awareness and in emphasizing the need to take action to cure autism, to provide effective autism interventions and to raise funds for research into autism causes and cures.

At Conor's house we do not wring our hands and agonize over the right metaphors to use while talking about autism issues. Our priorities are found in improving Conor's ability to participate in and enjoy life to the fullest extentpossible. We find joy in Conor not in his autism and we seek not to "accept autism" but to provide Conor with evidence based treatment and education to overcome to the fullest extenet possible the deficits that autism brings. To date only ABA meets the evidence based standard but other evidence based interventions may emerge with research. And Autism Speaks is a driving force today in raising awareness and funds for that research.

At Conor's house Autism Speaks and we are listening.


kyouell said...

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Unknown said...

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