Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ireland - Parents Seek Autism Specific School

While the advocates of mainstream classroom inclusion for all students have ruled the roost in New Brunswick in recent decades parents of autistic children in Mayo County Ireland are looking in a different direction. They are seeking an autism specific school where there children can receive a real education using the Applied Behavioural Analysis techniques which have proven effective in treating and educating autistic children.

"Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mayo parents join forces for Autism Specific School in West
By: Anna-Marie Flynn

MAYO is hoping to be home to a new autism specific school and one group of parents is determined to get the project off the ground.

A group of Mayo parents with children affected by autism have held several meetings within the county with a view to putting a proposal to Minister for Education, Mary Hanafin.

The group are currently working to raise awareness on the benefits of autism specific schools and particularly on Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Applied Behavioural Analysis or ABA, is the methodology based on the well-researched principles of operant and respondent conditioning. A key focus in ABA is to change behaviour and increase communication by using two components: teaching (utilizing Discrete Trial Training or DTT) and behaviour modification.

By utilizing repetition and ongoing evaluation of student performance, complex tasks can be learned in a simple step-by-step manner.

An autism specific school in Mayo would emulate other schools of its kind throughout the country such as The Red Door in Dublin or Saplings School, Kill, Kildare.

ABA schools have a 47 per cent success rate in mainstreaming children with autism and this reflects the success of the ABA system."


Anonymous said...

Harold, I hope you'll blog about how the AGM went today. I wasn't able to attend unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Hi lisa r, sorry you couldn't make it. Meeting went well. Unwinding tonight but I will blog it in the morning.