Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Educating Autistic Students - Inclusion in the UK

Some of the same issues that we face in seeking to educate autistic students in New Brunswick schools are also being faced in the United Kingdom where classroom inclusion has also been substituted for inclusion in a real learning experience. In the UK autistic children are not taught using the techniques necessary for them to learn. We are still fighting that battle in New Brunswick and we will keep an eye on what happens in the UK.


"Ruth McNichol, whose son George has Asperger's syndrome, told BBC News teachers needed to be trained to deal with autistic children.

"There appears to be a lot of ignorance about autism and the particular education techniques that are required to teach children with autism.

"It is particularly bad when children make the transition from primary to secondary school.

Ms McNichol said when her son had started secondary school "he was bullied, he withdrew from lessons in the classroom and the staff didn't appear to know how to engage with him".

"At the end of his first year at secondary school, despite not being in any way disruptive, he started self-harming and he was obviously in a great deal of distress," she said."

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