Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Autism Awareness Month & the Autism Society New Brunswick

October is Autism Awareness Month in Canada and as it draws to an end I would like to say a few words about the Autism Society New Brunswick which is the only provincial voice for autism in New Brunswick. First, and foremost, ASNB is a democratic volunteer organization open to persons with an interest in autism in New Brunswick. General meetings of the ASNB membership are held at least 3 times a year in different locations around the province. Policy at ASNB is set by the board in consultation with membership; not by paid executive directors.

The ASNB does not receive money from government to conduct its operations. When ASNB assists parents in discussions with government, education or health authorities it does so with no conflicting interest. It is not tied to government grants and it is not required to comply with government regulations or policies which tell it what it can and can not say to its members.

Notwithstanding its fiercely independent voice, ASNB was recognized as the voice for the autism community by government by enactment of regulation 97-127 pursuant to the Mental Health Services Act.



under the


(O.C. 97-900)

Filed November 14, 1997

Under section 12 of the Mental Health Services Act, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council makes the following Regulation:

1 This Regulation may be cited as the Mental Health Services Advisory Committee Regulation - Mental Health Services Act.

2 In this Regulation

"Act" means the Mental Health Services Act;

"Committee" means the Mental Health Services Advisory Committee.

3(1) The following mental health interest groups are prescribed for the purposes of paragraph 5(1)(b) of the Act:

(f) Autism Society New Brunswick;

The ASNB has been a key partner in the UNB Autism Steering Committee and has participated in such committees as the Dialogue on Education Committee and the Ministerial Committee on Inclusive Education. It also participated in the ad hoc committees that were struck to examine the continued provision of tertiary care services for autistic persons at the Stan Cassidy Centre.

ASNB has helped raise public awareness of autism around the province purchasing books on autism and evidence based interventions for autism for the New Brunswick Public Library System, for community autism centres and for autism agencies. It has also been a key participant in the recent National Autism Strategy initiative advanced by Andy Scott and the students in Greg Peters Leo Hayes High School class.

On this last day of October, Autism Awareness Month in Canada, I recommend that anyone with an interest in autism in New Brunswick visit the ASNB website at :



Anonymous said...

Hi Harold! I am a faithful reader of your blog and have seen both you and Connor out in the community a number of times. I commend you for your dedication to autism and the patience you display with your son. The manner in which I have seen you interact with Connor is a clear demonstration of your understanding of autism. I only wish that I could be so fortunate to see other enlightening parent-child relations within the community. It is all too rare, you truly are a an inspiration.

I am a scientific researcher and enjoy keeping up with the latest on a wide spectra of diseases and disorders including autism. That being said, your site is very professional and informative, keep up the great work.
I recently heard received a link to a website from a colleague of mine and I thought I would share it with you. Please follow: http://spectrum.ieee.org/oct06/4665. Her comment to me via her email was as follows: "just a reminder that we cannot take all research findings too seriously!" It makes you wonder what (crazy?!) linkage will be formed next, enjoy!

Unknown said...

Thank you K.

Your kind words are very encouraging.