Monday, January 12, 2009

Neurodiversity Hate Video Extremism

Much of the autism advocacy in the past 10-20 years has been led by parents seeking to treat and cure their own autistic children, either by ABA therapy or by seeking cures. Parent advocates have come under attack from some high functioning autistic persons who have formed a loose coalition of bloggers who oppose the right of other peoples' autistic children to be treated or cured for their autistic disorders.

Most of the Neurodiversity commentary has been civil. Some has been silly, snide and sarcastic. Now some extremist ND bloggers are confessing their hatred of parent autism advocates openly on the internet as shown in this Christschool video promoted on Autism Street.

It will be interesting to see if ASAN and Neurodiversity leaders like Ari Ne'eman, Dora Raymaker and Kristina Chew, and, distance themselves from this hate video. Chew and Ne'eman once complained about offensive imagery about autistics. Will they now drink deep from the well of hypocrisy and embrace this blatant hate video message?

In the video CS literally demonizes autism (parent) advocates seeking to cure their own children. This video constitutes hate propaganda, contrary to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The video is also a direct and offensive attack on the rights of parents to advocate for their children, and the rights of children as declared by the United Nations to have their parents advocate on their behalf.

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Claire said...

OMG this is absolutely horrible! It's hard to believe anyone can put this garbage out! I have no words...There's nothing worse than having to fight those who claim to represent your situation.

Stephanie said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say about this.

The people who make this stuff are probably those with Asperger's/HFA sitting around in their apartment living off government funds because they can't hold a job and have nothing better to do. Then they complain about being fired but instead of getting treatment so that they can function they whine that they should be "accepted" for who they are, even if their behavior and work quality is substandard.

"But I'm "autistic," just accecpt me for me, even if I can't do a good job you have to let me because it's how I am and I don't need treatment...accecpt me!"

This is so ridiculous.

Marius Filip said...

This is outrageous.

I will make a post on my blog showing the same video for the Romanian parents of autistic children - indicating the source.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.....I am taken aback!! This is absolutley outragious and over the top.
Isn't there laws about this sort of thing?

It gave me the creeps just watching it.


Cascia Talbert said...

How awful! Who would do such a thing?

farmwifetwo said...

I have to admit it.... I agree with what Stephanie said.

The extreme Neurodiverse crowd IMO is as dangerous as the extreme end of the Cure crowd.

So we'll just keep making our own path up the middle.


Anonymous said...

These neurodiversity kooks used to really bother me. Now, I believe that their ideas are so crazy and their logic is so poor that they are generally ignored. Though they are an annoyance, I don't think that they can ever do any real harm. However, keep up the fight. The sooner they are widely discredited, the better.