Friday, January 23, 2009

The Joy of Conor January - April 2008

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Anonymous said...

LOL at the coffee table picture of him sitting!

My daughter always has to sit on tables and countertops also; I don't know why. When I'm cooking something, she hops up on the counter and squats down near the bowl where I am mixing. She can never just stand beside me and look over the top of the counter; her whole body has to be involved in whatever she's watching me do.

Stephanie said...

I found this book today on Amazon that looked like a good read (and from the snippets on Amazon it sounds promising)...don't know if you've read/heard of it but I'd thought I'd let you know

Marni Wachs said...

Love the pics!

And, my goodness I'm slow on the uptake sometimes - I GET IT! The title of your piece has a double meaning.

Of course, it firstly means the joy of the life that you have with your boy Conor every day, and secondly, the title differs from "the joy of AUTISM" in that autism is not part of the joy, and very possibly the joy is in spite of the autism. There is no "joy" for me in my son's AUTISM either; there is tremendous joy in my son.

Sorry if this point was so obvious to others, but it came to me all of a sudden and I wanted to share my revelation with others who may have overlooked the full meaning of the title.

Unknown said...


You are right about the double meaning behind the title of these photo blog comments.

I am still amazed that a sensible parent would find joy in the fact that her child has autism, a neurological disorder.

Unfortunately Ms Klar-Wolfond's strange views were promoted across Canada by the CBC in its Positively Autistic special.

I hope that visitors to my blog site can see the affectionate, happy, fun loving boy that I see every day.

They should also know that for the past several years he has been receiving ABA based instruction in school and it has not robbed him of his personality or turned him into some robotic personality as some ill informed ABA critics assert.