Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wow! Federal NDP Replies to My Inquiry This Morning Re Negotiations to Include ABA for Autism under Medicare

I confess I was surprised  to get a same day response this evening from the federal NDP to my question this morning addressed to party leader Thomas Mulcair.  The federal NDP committed to continuing the efforts which they have in fact made over the years in Parliament towards creation of an EFFECTIVE national autism strategy.   

To Canada's  federal NDP and leader Thomas Mulcair I say thank you.
8:20 PM (9 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Mr. Doherty:

Thank you for providing such a helpful summary of your discussions with us on this important issue.

New Democrats have a proven record of working with the autism activist community toward increasing awareness and supports for those living with autism spectrum disorders. NDP MPs have, over many years, proposed bills and motions in Parliament toward the creation of an effective national autism strategy. We are committed to continuing that effort as government.

The success of any national autism strategy that includes medically recognized treatments such as Applied Behavioural Analysis and Intensive Behavioural Intervention, depends on the commitment and involvement of provincial and territorial, as well as federal governments. At the moment, for lack of federal leadership, the levels of support vary widely across the country.

Over the past decade, the Harper government has consciously chosen to abandon its leadership role in Canada’s health system and has turned its back on the federal-provincial-territorial cooperation necessary to maintain and improve our public system – including measures to better address autism needs. Stephen Harper has not only refused to renew the national health accord but has unilaterally cut billions of dollars from future provincial/territorial health transfers.

Under Tom Mulcair, an NDP government will live up to its national leadership role and move quickly to re-establish a collaborative working relationship with provincial and territorial governments. A New Democratic autism strategy would be forged within this renewed negotiation and would establish, with provincial and territorial cooperation, access to treatment across Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Harold! Now is the time to get political involvent in these issues.
Keep pushing for progress.