Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fredericton Green Mary Lou Babineau: A Resounding YES!!! to Including Science Based ABA/IBI Autism Treatment Under Medicare

"Dear Harold,

It was wonderful to speak with you, too! This is an issue that is so critical to me and to my family.

Please post my response as a resounding YES!!!

Hope to see you again soon,

Mary Lou"

The One in 68 campaign of Medicare for Autism Now! is well under way.  Candidates in various ridings are being asked to provide clear answers to the "One in 68 QUESTION": "As a member of parliament, will you introduce or support legislation amending the Canada Health Act to include science-based autism treatment (ABA/IBI) under Medicare"?  The One in 68 refers to autism rates as estimated by credible US authorities.  Our federal government has been made aware over the past decade and more of the need to include science based ABA/IBI under medicare.  Some Canadian provinces including New Brunswick have provided ABA treatment for autism in various degrees,  Others including neighboring Nova Scotia have provided minimal services for autism. 

I hope to speak with all candidates in the Fredericton riding to discuss autism generally and to ask their response to the One in 68 Question.  It was a plesasure to meet with Mary Lou Babineau of the Green Party.  As her answer above indicates she has a real, family based interest in the One in 68 question.  We had a great discussion about autism generally and  how it has affected those close to us. and the need for assistance for those affected by autism. Her very sincere interest in autism is reflected in her answer:

Thank you Mary Lou Babineau for your  resounding YES!!! to inclusion of science-based autism treatment (ABA/IBI) under Medicare.

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